Strong points

Strong points

Special Effects, coloring system, service, technical assistance, technology research and wide range of products.

Laboratories of Teknocoating are able to develop special effects and provide customers with a wide range of products: positive effect colors, new metallic or pearlescent chrome iridescent micalized, 3D effect and  photo luminescent ar one of the latest news. Teknocoating also is able to provide a coloring system compatible with the best tinting machines currently available on the market.

It is composed of 16 universal solvent for polyurethane-based pastas, nitro, synthetic and acrylic plus 2 metallic pastes that allow you to reproduce the entire form RAL and NCS. The flexibility of the production facilities of Teknocoating plant allows to meet the most varied requirements of the customer, allowing to produce small batches of 5 kg up to a maximum of 12000 kg resulting as a service to the extreme maximum.

We can produce lots of comodities and also personalized colors of the customer samples.

The Teknocoating grant a comprehensive technical support service continuously and monitors the sales network advising and directing clients.

Research in Teknocoating never stops, in fact laboratories armed with experience gained over the years and advanced equipment, continuously develop new products in order to satisfy a wide range of users.

In Teknocoating a customer can meet his various needs, the production ranges from traditional paintings such as polyurethane, polyester, nitrocellulose to more technological UV coatings. From water-based paints for interior and exterior traditional to high-performance waterborne coatings of nanotechnology.