Exterior paints

Exterior paints are a very important segment of Teknocoating production. They must meet totally different requirements and standards than a traditional interior paint. A wooden artifact placed outside every day undergoes various types of attacks due to exposure to UV rays. to fungi, humidity, bacteria, smog, hot and cold for example.

The purpose of the paint is precisely to help the wood to support these attacks and to age in the best possible way. Wood is a living material and needs care and protection, our paints protect the wood and ensure that the strength, beauty and permeability qualities of this material remain unchanged over time. Alternative materials such as aluminum and ABS have appeared on the market which have partially replaced wood.

Even these materials, although less delicate than wood, need care or renew themselves aesthetically and also for them our laboratories have developed dedicated products that allow their repainting. Even the metal structures placed outside need protection from corrosion and atmospheric agents, Teknocoating has also thought of this by developing a line of products dedicated to steel and metals in general.