Stains and Dyes

Impregnating products for outdoor (water or solvent-based, with light fastness)
Color matching system:

  • Wood dyes “bi-solubile” kind
  • Wood stains and dyes, water based
  • Wood stains and dyes formulated with micropigments, with ligh fastness (solvent or water based)
  • Wiping Glazes (water or solvent based)
  • Ageing products (water or solvent based)
  • Patina’s, shabby look effects (water or solvent based)

Wood stains: the staining painting process is used to improve the final look, highlighting the grain and the wooden pores, uniforming the differences in tone of the board and reducing the change of the colour in time. With the tinting process, also the entry level wooden essences improve its beauty.
The wood stain of Teknocoating range includes a full set of water or solvent based colours, a virtually unlimited number of colours and shades thanks to the exclusive tinting system provided with ready formulas to also manufacture ready dyes.